Turtle Gardens is now
Hands on Fur

A message from Yvette:

I have exciting news for you today. I have officially retired as CEO of Turtle gardens. Stanley my son has been appointed the new CEO and will continue the legacy of hands on fur Sanctuary and Rescue.

Please continue your support of northern dogs in need with donations, words of support and by following the new facebook and blog.

Hands on Fur (Turtle Gardens) represents the originality and goals of Stan and his commitment to the Sanctuary dogs and dogs in need in the north.

Congratulations Stan.

The blog will be handsonfur.com outlining the day to day activities of all the dogs Sanctuary or adoptable at Homebase and beyond. My blog will be Dogs around the dragon, and watch for new books about working and living with dogs around the dragon from my 28 years in rescue.

Thank you for you many years of support and we look forward to many more years of your support as we move forward in our ever evolving mission to save and rescue northern B.C.'s unloved fur friends.

Sincerely Yvette Labatte.